The Algorithmics Programme is able to offer a limited number of postgraduate scholarships to students who would like to pursue MSc or PhD studies in the general area of Algorithmics.

The scholarships are for students who begin their studies on 1 January 2008 or thereafter. They include student fees and a living allowance of up to $22,000 per annum (one year for an MSc student, three years for a PhD student); partial funding may be offered in some cases. The scholarships have to be held at a New Zealand university and must be on a topic approved by the programme directors.

How to apply

Potential applicants must first be admitted into the postgraduate programme of the university concerned, and have agreed on a topic with a supervisor. They may then apply to the Algorithmics Programme for a scholarship, writing to one of Mike Atkinson, Charles Semple, or Mark Wilson; the application must include an academic transcript and a brief description of the agreed topic. Students who wish to begin their studies on 1 January 2008 should make their application by 16 November 2007; if the full transcript of their studies is not available on that date they should send a partial transcript and a complete one as soon as possible thereafter.